Dainik Jagran and SM Pal Group organize a Poetry Conference with Kavi Hariom  Pawar

Kavi Sammelan sponsored by SM Pal Group

Dainik Jagran organizes a poetry conference on its successful 18 years of establishment in Haldwani, which is sponsored by SM Pal Group. The grand event will be on 25 May 2022 at 7:00 pm on Crystal Laws, Rampur Road, Haldwani. 

The event is sponsored by SM Pal Group and they are cardinally invites you to join this lovely evening.

Following the current pandemic situation, the publication could not organize the program in the past two years. However, in the post-lockdown period, the preparation of the Jagran Mahotsav is done as the government lifted the restrictions on public gatherings. 

Kavi Sammelan being the main attraction of Jagran Mahotsav has Hon. Chandan Ram Das as the Chief Guest and Hon. Saurabh Bahuguna as the Chairman of the event, sponsored by SM Pal Group

Kavi Hariom Pawar, Dr Shweta Singh, Dr Rajeev Raj, Sardar Manjeet Singh, Shri Vishnu Saxena, Shri Tahir Faraz, Dr Suresh Awasthi and Shri Popular Meeruthi will be seen participating in the Mahotsav with their unique style. 

Kavi  Hariom Pawar will cheer up the evening with his patriotic poems, and Shri Vishnu Saxena will catch the audience’s attention with his compositions. Meanwhile, the Hasya Kavis Sardar Manjit Singh, Shri Tahir Faraz will, Dr Suresh Awasthi, Popular Meeruthi and Dr Rajeev Raj will fill the moment with laughter with their unique composition and style.