Pal Colonisers: Pioneering Smart Living In Uttarakhand.

SM Pal Group, founded in 1982, is a renowned group with operations across Pan India. Pal Colonisers, an extension of SM Pal Group, established in 2000, today stands as one of the top real estate company in Uttarakhand, founded by Mr. Suresh Pal, Chairman.

A paradigm shift in urban planning, demonstrated by Pal Colonisers is not only being present but also leaving indelible footprints that forever changes Uttarakhand’s landscape through innovation, sustainability, and community-driven efforts. With their influence across different regions in Uttarakhand, Pal Colonisers has become one of the major real estate developers in the field of modernization. We have moved from city centers to peaceful outskirts, addressing regions rather than localities, which shows our commitment to diversified societal requirements.

Our presence and what we provide

Pal Colonisers is a reputable real estate company that has gained popularity in Haldwani, Uttarakhand by providing top-notch infrastructure aimed at offering luxurious living for the people. We built gated societies that boast contemporary amenities and alluring lush green landscapes. We are focused on creating a secured and serene environment for the residents. Also, an underlying emphasis on green spaces, energy-efficient designs, and eco-friendly methodologies by the notion of future sustainability.

To contribute to this inclusive lifestyle with all necessary conveniences, our projects have a variety of modern amenities with latest technology. This list is made up of well-maintained kids play areas, jogging tracks, open gyms, smart conventional centers, etc. around the residential area to suit every need and taste. Also, our emphasis on connectivity allows for effortless access to transport hubs, schools, hospitals, and business districts to promote a close-knit living environment.


The Pal Colonisers have created an ultra-modern society that is convenient for modern and future generations needs, expanding from Haldwani City to Lucknow. We have created industrial, commercial, and residential infrastructure over time.

  1. Commercial development: Pal Complex, Pal Ford and Services, Pal Nissan showroom, Pal Skoda showroom, Brij Lal Hospital & Research Center, and Pal Ford Showroom.
  2. Residential Development: Ram Ji Vihar, Eco Town 1, Eco Town 2, Pallazio, Palam City, and Paloma Greens.
  3. Industrial Development: Pal Stone Industries(Lalkuan), Pal Frozen Foods Plant (HLD), Pal Frozen Foods Depot (Lucknow), and Rana Ji Stone Crusher  (Dehradun).
Residential Development
Residential Development
Eco Town
Residential Development
Palam City
Residential Development
Paloma Greens
Commercial Development
Pal Skoda
Commercial Development
Pal Nissan
Commercial Development
Pal Ford & Services
Commercial Development
Pal Ford
Commercial Development
Brij Lal Hospital & Research Center
Industrial Development
Pal Frozen Foods
Industrial Development
Pal Stone Industries
Industrial Development
Pal Frozen Foods Depot
Industrial Development
Rana Ji Stone Crusher
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Future plans for smart societies

Currently, we are developing a tower with residential and commercial floors within Palam City in Haldwani, which will include a basement area with amenities such as steep seating, a pool, a game zone, a soccer table, pod seating, etc. for SM Pal group employees, as well as two floors for smart office and commercial purposes. The tower also has residential apartments with modern conveniences, as well as a private penthouse on the top floor. We intend to build smart societies through the creation of new ones and the modernization of the existing ones, allowing people to be more comfortable with technology.

In the future, Pal Colonisers intend to not only design the infrastructure but also build premium high-rise apartments in Uttarakhand as well as in other regions. With our upcoming Kiccha township project, we will contribute to Kichha’s urban development by creating a vibrant society with amenities like a strip mall, a community hall, kids’ play areas, commercial infrastructure and other additional facilities. 

Pal Colonisers prioritize a future-oriented strategy, which includes implementing inclusive design to meet the demands of a wide range of potential users, supporting multipurpose zoning that creates lively urban ecosystems, and adopting smart solutions to create modern infrastructure. Furthermore, our efforts are always focused on observing and meeting future trends, which allows us to predict future property directions and demands through our research and development investments.


Pal Colonisers is set to open up completely new chapters in Uttarakhand’s real estate future. The immense scope of our innovative influence, ranging from property search to construction and from transactions to management, sets us apart from all in the market. While promoting transparency, productivity, and ingenuity in the industry, Pal Colonisers also hold the promise of entirely changing how one sees, feels, and operates real estate by developing a more viable and responsive living environment suited to people’s needs.