The Different Types of Construction Materials Used In Building Constructions

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In this article, let us get to know the various types of construction materials that are used in building constructions:

The Different Types of Construction Materials:


Cement is a binder that is majorly used in building construction. It is a substance that sets, hardens, and adheres to other materials that bind them together. It is primarily used to bind sand and gravel together.

Structural Steel

Alongside cement, structural steel is yet another popular construction material. These help in creating impressive and long-lasting buildings. These are versatile, sustainable, and flexible. But most importantly, they are cost-effective.

River Sand Or Natural Sand

River sand or natural sand is white-grey and is one of the fine-graded sands used to construct buildings. They are primarily used in concrete and masonry work and can also be used for RCC, plastering, and other kinds of bricks and brickworks.


This is the most important component of construction materials. It is widely used in the entire world. Concrete includes cement, water, fine aggregate, and crushed stones or gravel.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Our ready-mix concrete is manufactured in a batch plant.

Binding Wires

These are primarily used for tying applications in the field of construction. It is used to tie the rebars at the joints to keep the structure in place. They are also sometimes referred to as annealed wires and are manufactured of mild steel.

Fly Ash

It is a refined powdered by-product of burning pulverized coal. It is comprised of aluminous and siliceous materials that form cement when subjected to water. It is often used as a prime material in various cement-based products.


It is used to build walls, pavements, and other types of masonry structures. It is nothing but a block composed of dry clay. However, nowadays they are often chemically cured as well. They are joined together using mortar, adhesive, or interlocking. They are produced in numerous classes, types, materials, and sizes and are manufactured in bulk quantities.


These are constructed using concrete or cement. They usually include hollow core to make them lighter and improve their insulating properties. They are most often used in the construction of load-bearing walls, retaining walls, partitions, and foundations.

While there are many more different types of construction materials, these are the most common and popular ones. In fact, these are the ones which are most required. Nonetheless, each type of material can be differentiated given its use and application.