Empowering Change, Inspiring Unity Since 1982: SM Pal Group.

“A community is a group of people who agree to grow together."

SM Pal Group, a business group from Haldwani (Uttarakhand), was founded by its chairman, Mr. Suresh Pal in 1982, and currently led by Mr. Prateek Pal, director of SM Pal Group. With a crystal-clear mindset of doing quality business based on commitments and keeping “people first,” SM Pal Group has now gained a pan-India presence with its quality team and quality product. The group is flourishing under the panoramic vision and values of Mr. Suresh Pal, combined with the continuous efforts and commitment of his team. Key leadership members of this team have been hand-picked. Mr. Suresh Pal has selected business leaders himself and then imparted in them the visions and values he cherishes to nourish the working culture of SM Pal Group. SM Pal Group doesn’t sell products, it sells experiences, thus marking the impact at the national and international levels for client satisfaction and high-quality products and services. The group is diversified into various verticals, including real estate, mining, automotive, and FMCG. Mr. Prateek Pal, under his guidance, is working towards cultivating a team of people with a shared passion and purpose, where everyone grows and evolves as one while driving dreams through commitment, creation, communication, and connection, shaping a secure future for all. 

SM Pal Group strongly believes in updating along with upcoming technologies in manufacturing, monitoring, and mobilization and employs technology to streamline its business operations, from project management to data analysis, from production to distribution, and in overall communication within the organization and with its distribution network to customers at large. Utilizing advanced technology, SM Pal Group has been able to improve communication, accelerate work, and increase productivity. The group ensures active learning and encourages the team to keep going by conducting team-building events and offering training programs. We utilize modern workspaces and state-of-the-art amenities, which assist in creating a positive and inclusive work culture where, like a family, all can enjoy working and growing together.

As a community, we agree to grow together:

PK-Dubey - SM pal goup

I began working at SM Pal Group as a member of the accounts department and am currently the Chief Financial Officer. The work environment is extremely pleasant, and the team beneath me is quite supportive. My role involves assisting the company with cash flow, financial planning, and tax matters to support its expansion. I am growing with the company and enjoying every moment of it.

- Mr. P.K. Dubey (31 years)

PK-joshi - SM pal group

As Chief Operating Officer, I have been supervising the financial operations of SM Pal Group for the past 24 years. It’s been a great opportunity to work for SM Pal Group, and I’m growing and evolving alongside them.

- Mr. Pankaj Joshi (24 years)

DK-saxena - sm pal group

Since I joined SM Pal Group in 1994, my journey with the group has been incredibly interesting. I have been overseeing construction projects for Pal Colonisers, and it has been a pleasure working with the company and its MD, Mr. Suresh Pal Sir.

- Mr. D.K. Saxena (30 years)

I, Puneet Khanna, completed my PG in 2012, and I have started my career journey with SM Pal Group since 2013. I have learned a lot from this journey with management and feel proud to be a part of SM Pal Group. I have completed all the tasks successfully given by the management, and I have grown up with the SM Pal Group. I am blessed and thankful for working under the guidance of Chairman Sir and Director Sir of SM Pal Group.

- Mr. Puneet Khanna (11 years)

Having completed 10 years in the SM Pal Group, I am enjoying my professional journey till now. Having moved from production to sales, it has been an enriching experience so far. I have learned a lot from the top management and always believe in the basics. I still believe that I am a newbie in this group. I hope to continue learning and improving my skills.

“I have miles to go before I sleep.”

- Mr. Deepak Farswan (10 years)

I joined the SM Pal Group in 2001. The SM Pal Group, led by Sri Suresh Pal, has had the biggest impact on my life. I find myself growing with the group. In more than two decades of my association with SM Pal Group, initially I worked in accounts and taxation departments, but later I got the opportunity to serve the group in the capacity of CEO for the automobile business, which consists of Ford, Nissan, and Skoda dealerships.

The Group, through the phenomenal demonstration of practical leadership by its promoter and chairman, Sri Suresh Pal Ji, has been successful in shaping multiple personalities, particularly in the last three decades. I have personally extremely benefited from the demonstrative leadership of Sri Suresh Pal Ji and have witnessed his leadership qualities like trust, courage, transparency, and benevolence with 100% sincerity toward customers’ interests.

SM Pal Group is blessed to have the leadership of its chairman, Sri Suresh Pal Ji. Whatever I learned in my career and whatever I have become all through this period has had a great influence on Sri Suresh Pal J

- Mr. Girish Newalia (23 years)

RS-Rawat - SM pal group

I have been associated with SM Pal Group as a Accounts & Finance Manager. I assist the company with account maintenance and financial matters. I have learned a lot from the company and am still evolving with it. Under the direction of Mr. Suresh Pal Ji, I have been enhancing my skills as well.

- Mr. R.S. Rawat (24 years)

Kailash-Kandpal - Pal group

I joined this group seven years ago as a group accounts manager. Here I am seeing and finalizing the accounts of all group companies with the help of the chairman, Sir, because in our group we have multiple businesses, so being an accounts professional, I got a chance to know different types of businesses and improve my skills as well as my knowledge.

 - Mr. Kailash Kandpal (7 years)

SM Pal Group is an excellent illustration of how, using the power of technology, enhanced communication, and teamwork, it is possible to bring about a mesmerizing all-round transformation. With mutual trust and cooperation and using state-of-the-art technology innovations, the SM Pal Group has successfully established an environment of togetherness, creating an environment where the growth of the company and its employees is mutually inclusive. SM Pal Group’s persistent dedication to growth and development ensures a bright future for the group and its team together.