SM Pal Group, a venture that commenced in 1982, fostering 42 years of trust and commitment, has led Pal Colonisers Pvt Ltd. to establish a legacy in crafting premium housing societies. We have expanded our horizons to cultivate an ultra-modern colony in the heart of Haldwani City. As we celebrate our four decades milestone, we proudly unveil our latest residential triumph—a testament to luxury and serene living.

Crafted for Elite Experience

Living here feels like dwelling in a world designed just for you, and it all begins with the very building you live in. Encompassing an array of meticulously curated deluxe features, it’s the perfect setting to experience a level of peace and tranquility which only a few have known to exist. This is an exclusive tower within Palam City Residential Society, dedicated to a luxurious lifestyle.

Project Highlights

  • Located in Haldwani’s premium housing society, Palam City, on NH 109, leading to Nainital.
  • 4 BHK luxury apartment each on independent floors with four-side view (mountains, highway & lush green area) where residents can enjoy panoramic vistas.
  • Limited exclusive edition apartments with separate staircases, two lifts (including a goods lift), and parking (2 parkings per resident) with common reception adorned with lux- urious granite.
  • SM Pal Group, Group, a a a distinguished developer, upholds an unwavering commitment to excel- lence and client satisfaction. Our dedication to uncompromised quality ensures that our offerings are exclusively limited editions, embodying the epitome of craftsmanship and client contentment.
  • SM Pal Group office occupies the ground and first floors, while the remaining five floors. are dedicated to luxury apartments withseparate entry and parking spaces, making it an iconic building.
  • Strategically located with seamless connectivity to airport, railway station, hotels, cities (Rudrapur, Pantnagar, Laikuan), institutions, hospitals, police station & fire station.
  • Structure: Completion of the brickwork, plastering, slab installation, and raw flooring.
  • Plumbing: We will provide concealed water and sewer lines, rainwater pipes, and equip each apartment with a 5000-liter underground water tank connected to the main line. Ad- ditionally, there is a 2000-liter rooftop tank per flat, connecting to individual lines. Owners must apply for individual water connections from the government.
  • Electrical: Conduits as per the drawing, separate AC/utility areas, apartments equipped with electric lines from the distribution box. Owners must apply for individual government. electric connections. Power backup is provided through the distribution box, with each owner responsible for installing and maintaining their generator.
  • Fire-Fighting: Each apartment will be equipped with a fire-fighting line that extends up to the staircase.
  • Interior: Apartment includes the completion of building elevation, exterior design, overall development, two lifts, staircases, a reception area, parking facilities, and a guard room.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure is complemented by lush green spaces and acces- sibility through a 45 ft. wide road.

Note: We are selling only raw apartment areas. Interior pictures are provided solely to illustrate design ideas based on the flat plan and drawing. Maintenance and security for outside utilities are managed by all apartment owners on a contribution basis.