Our Building Material Supplies: The Best In The Industry

Substances that are used in building construction are called building materials. We, SM Pal Group, are a leading building materials supplier in Haldwani and have gained a reputation as one of the best suppliers in India. So as a building materials supplier, what do we supply? 

Like any other supplier, we too supply the most common building materials. But what strikes us apart from the rest, are the features of our material that are of superior quality, reliability, and durability. We supply everything that is required for building construction. Here are some of the materials that we supply. 


Being one of the most common building materials, this composite material is made of fine and coarse aggregate mixed with a binder such as cement or water. Reinforced concrete is most commonly used in the construction where steel is embedded in the concrete for increased structural tensile strength. Since concrete is available in many forms, it is the project type that dictates what is to be used. 

SM Pal concrete can be used for: 

* Foundation
*Residential building construction
*Commercial building construction
*Bridge construction, and much more. 

Our concrete is cost-effective and versatile. 

2. Stone 

SM Pal Group is most reputed for manufacturing the best quality stone grits that act as long-lasting building materials. In construction, stones are primarily used for building walls and floors and it is the texture that makes it versatile. Our stones come in unique finishes and can be used for the following aspects: 

*As rough aggregate in construction
*In masonry works for walls, dams, and bridge piers. 
*As ballast for railways
For damp-proofing of external walls, and much more.

3. Brick 

Bricks are rectangular blocks that are widely used in construction. SM Pal Group is a leading building materials supplier in Haldwani and we supply bricks for construction purposes. We manufacture brick in the most traditional and tested way with heat and dry clay which makes them compression resistant. Our bricks are also reinforced with steel which makes it fire-resistant and durable. Due to their high compressive strength, they are mostly used to construct load-bearing walls. Bricks are used in various construction components such as: 

*For walls 
*For masonry foundations
*Veneer masonry such as decorating finishes
*For gabion construction in flood-prone areas 

4. Steel 

Steel is often used as a reinforcement material for other construction materials. Made from alloys of iron and carbon, steel offers high strength and functionality. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to work with, and also cheaper to ship compared to other building materials. Other advantageous features of steel include, that they are less time-consuming to install than concrete and can be installed in any kind of environment. Steel finds use in construction for the following purposes: 

*For structural sections
*Internal fixtures
*Utilities, and much more. 

The construction industry is rapidly increasing and we at SM Pal Group are constantly striving to keep up with the pace of our innovation and technologies. We take pride in being one of the best suppliers of building materials in Haldwani and we wish to continue to serve you with the best for many more years to come.