PAL NISSAN: Champions of the Road celebrating success: Pal Nissan achieves overall national best performance award second time in a row, and more!

Dear customers and family members of Pal Nissan family! With all your support, good wishes, contribution, feed-backs and overall engagement Pal Nissan has touched another mile stone in customer service and sales achievements.
It brings immense joy to us to inform you that Pal Nissan has been awarded the prestigious Overall National Best Performance Award successively for the second time. This achievement is a testament to the unwavering commitment and efforts put forth by the entire team of Pal Nissan. Not only that, but Pal Nissan has also been showered with several other well-deserved accolades, showcasing the exceptional achievements of their remarkable team. Congratulations to Pal Nissan on this remarkable feat, and the future holds even more success and excellence.

The Overall National Best Performance Award: This award recognises consistent achievement of our targets, efforts in customer satisfaction in sales and service, market share, quality of training in sales and service and our ingenuity in marketing and serving the NISSAN brand.
In addition to the Overall National Best Performance Award, we are honoured to have received several other prestigious awards. These accolades are a result of our team’s hard work, innovation, customer-centric approach and endless support by SM Pal Group. Notable awards include:

1. Overall Best Performance in the North Zone
2. Best Performance in Customer Quality & Training| Sales (Tier 3 & 4)
3. Best Reference Sales (Tier 3 & 4)
4. Best Digital Sales Performance (Tier 3 & 4)
5. Best Retail Sales Performance (Tier 3 & 4)
6. Best Performance in Customer Quality & Training| After sales (Tier 3 & 4)
7. Best After sales Performance (Tier 3 & 4)

We owe our success to all the customers who placed their trust on us, to the entire team of Pal Nissan, and SM Pal Group for their constant support and belief.
As we bask in the glory of our achievements, we remain steadfast in our commitment to continuous improvement. Together, with our cherished customers and talented team, we are poised to continue our journey of success.