Empowering Change, Inspiring Unity Since 1982: SM Pal Group.

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“A community is a group of people who agree to grow together.” – Simon Sinek SM Pal Group, a business group from Haldwani (Uttarakhand), was founded by its chairman, Mr. Suresh Pal in 1982, and currently led by Mr. Prateek Pal, director of SM Pal Group. With a crystal-clear mindset of doing quality business based […]

Pal Colonisers: Pioneering Smart Living In Uttarakhand.

SM Pal Group, founded in 1982, is a renowned group with operations across Pan India. Pal Colonisers, an extension of SM Pal Group, established in 2000, today stands as one of the top real estate company in Uttarakhand, founded by Mr. Suresh Pal, Chairman. A paradigm shift in urban planning, demonstrated by Pal Colonisers is […]

Pal Frozen Foods Expands Production This New Season

At Pal Frozen Foods, our commitment revolves around advancing sustainable agricultural practices to meet the growing global demand for frozen vegetables. As we gear up for the new season, our focus remains on cultivating superior crops, processing them into high-quality frozen vegetables, and ensuring exceptional delivery to our valued customers across India and beyond. Our […]

Skoda Makes Grand Entry in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon Region with SM Pal Group

The Kumaon region of Uttarakhand has just embraced a new level of automotive sophistication and excellence. Skoda, the iconic automobile brand, has officially arrived in the cities of the Kumaon region as a new addition to the esteemed SM Pal Group’s ventures. The introduction of Pal Skoda is a remarkable milestone in the SM Pal […]

PAL NISSAN: Champions of the Road celebrating success: Pal Nissan achieves overall national best performance award second time in a row, and more!

Dear customers and family members of Pal Nissan family! With all your support, good wishes, contribution, feed-backs and overall engagement Pal Nissan has touched another mile stone in customer service and sales achievements. It brings immense joy to us to inform you that Pal Nissan has been awarded the prestigious Overall National Best Performance Award […]

Do You Think Motivational Thoughts

A visionary and a self-created man, Mr. Suresh Pal, is the founder of the legacy – what we today know as the SM Pal Group. His enterprising outlook, farsightedness, discovering opportunities, hard work, sincerity and effort, led him to his accomplishments and reach greater heights.

The demand for Frozen Foods increased in India

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The retail food segment has witnessed a steep growth in recent years all across the globe. The massive development of the various retail channels in different formats like hypermarkets.